[Healeys] fuel gauge calibration

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Thu Nov 7 03:53:41 MST 2013

Depending on the make/type of car these Smiths/Jaeger gauges can 
indicate a (nearly) full tank for a fairly long time and then drop to 
1/4 full rather quickly, the system is notoriously inaccurate. Just 
learn to live with it and fill up when it reads about 1/4 full to be on 
the safe side or check the odometer as a guide when to fill up. It is 
probably because of the way the lever arm in the sender is moving and 
certainly the shape of the fuel tank. This is different from in every 
car make and type and is the cause of a non-linear signal.
However if the gauge is really at fault find an identical Smiths on 
ebay.co.uk and transfer the Jaeger dial to it, taking great care not to 
bend the indicator hand. The Smiths gauge being way cheaper than the 
difficult to find Jaeger item. The gauges are absolutely identical but 
for the brand name.
Kees Oudesluijs

john spaur schreef op 7-11-2013 7:27:
> There have been quite a few posts on this issue but none seem to 
> really solve the problem. When I first owned an Austin-Healey it was 6 
> years old and the gauge was fairly accurate as I recall.
> The gauge on the healey was professionally calibrated but it was way 
> off, tending to stick at the full side and then rapidly dropping down 
> to near empty. Recently I calibrated it by removing the sender and 
> adjusting the gauge on the bench but it still sticks toward the full 
> side. When the tank is below 1/2 it will start to read towards the 1/2 
> and 1/4 marks.
> What's the issue with getting the gauge to read more accurately? I 
> think it may have to do with the coils and magnet alignment. I think 
> the coils may be out of plumb (due to bending of the case at the nut 
> attachment) which causes the magnet to be too close to the armature 
> assembly.
> Has anyone investigated this? Has anyone been able to get their gauge 
> to read more accurately?
> John Spaur
> '62 BT7
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