[Healeys] Torquing Studs

Mike Tobin ahbt71 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 16:05:55 MST 2013

Hey All,
In looking up the torque settings for the main bearing caps I noticed
there's a setting for the studs as well (guess I never noticed that before
as I've never replaced the studs until now).  Same for the head.
Two questions:
1.  How is the torque applied?  I'm guessing I just  jam two nuts together
on the stud and apply the torque to the top nut.  Then I have to not
disturb the stud when I break the nuts apart.
2.  Why does this matter?  In my simple mind the force on the stud and
block threads is determined by the (larger) force applied to the nut.  Why
wouldn't finger tight be sufficient for putting the stud into the block?
Awaiting my (applied) physics lesson.
Mike Tobin
Pepperell, MA

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