[Healeys] BN2 Reservoir Decal

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Fri Nov 1 11:25:53 MDT 2013

Got a picayune question for the concours types:  Which way should the decal on the brake reservoir face; e.g. forward, 
in/outboard, to the rear, or random depending on how sober the Austin assembler was at the time? BTW, Moss now ships 
this item with the proper decal--developed with help from Roger Moment--already applied.

Anyone know if the Moss 'Classic Gold' items are developed by/for Moss exclusively, or are they a separate supplier (of 
course, they're made in China but quality, at least for this item, seems good).


Bob Spidell           San Jose, CA            bspidell at comcast.net


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