[Healeys] Selling my Healey BN6, pass it on.

Adam Nolde adamnolde at yahoo.com
Thu May 23 19:54:02 MDT 2013

Too many cars, not enough time to drive them all...  One of my Healeys,
unfortunately for me my favorite Healey, is up for sale.  If you know anyone
who might love it as much as I do, please pass it on.

Maybe one of you would
be kind enough to mention the listing to BringATrailer.com in hopes they will
show it.

Would anybody be interested in taking this car to British By The Sea
on June 2?  I'm coaching my sons Tee Ball team, but would really love to get
this car some exposure.  Can't decide yet if I'm going to skip baseball to get
the car more exposure.  Could be a great day of Healey driving for somebody if
the weather is good.



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