[Healeys] Advice sought..Dash colour.

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Personally, I would just chuck the persimmon idea and go with dark blue
interior and a dark blue dash.  If you paint the dash persimmon, you can
always paint it dark blue later.  The seats you will have to recover if you
don't like the combination.  Your car paint the dash and cover the seats any
color combination you think will make you happy.  You're the one sitting in
the cockpit staring at the interior.
Mike MacLean
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60 AN5

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Further to this thread I should mention that there were no seats in the car
when I got it so I have no idea what colour they were.
The remnants of the boot liner were dark blue and there was what I believe
to be some dark blue leatherette in the doors and little bits of dark blue
carpet in a few spots.
I'm pretty sure that the interior was therefore dark blue.
I have no idea about the seats or the top.
It has been suggested that persimmon dash would look odd with blue seats,
how about persimmon seats with blue or grey piping and the rest of the
interior dark blue..
I'm grasping here guys...humor me!!!

Michael S

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> I'm sure some of you have read my blog post regarding the original dash
> colour the early BN1 I'm restoring.
> If not you can read it here <http://www.netbug.net/blogmichael/?p=911>.
> I have now got the car back from paint and although I had pretty well
> decided to paint the dash in dark blue I'm having second thoughts.
> Now that I can see the original Healey Grey on the car I can appreciate
> why the original dash may have been painted bright red/orange (persimmon).
> The colour looks absolutely stunning next to the grey.
> One of the most memorable cars I ever saw was a huge American tourer, I
> think it was a
> Duesenberg at the Meadowbrook Concours in the mid 90's. That car was
> painted in the most amazing grey and orange tartan, and even more amazing,
> it was the original paint scheme!!!
> Should I paint the dash persimmon?
> I'm pretty convinced that that was the original colour.
> I would really appreciate some input.
> Michael Salter

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