[Healeys] Advice sought..Dash colour.

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Wed May 29 23:17:08 MDT 2013

You've stated you really like it, it's only paint and it's your car.  When 
I talked with Gerry Coker many years ago, he stated what made many of the  
folks happy at Austin-Healey were the car owners making these cars their own. 
 Are you going to have your car judged or are you going to drive it? My 
dash is a  two piece, red and black. I'm pretty darn sure it came this way, but 
I  can't say 100 per cent certain, but I'm keeping it that way.My point 
being, make  it the way it makes you feel the best. Personally I think it 
sounds like an  awesome combination and would love to see it. But then I'm really 
looking  forward to seeing the one Pink and Black 100 I've seen pictures of 
in my  lifetime. Have fun with it.
Steven Kingsbury
BN1 #598 
I'm sure some of you have read my blog post regarding the original  dash
colour the early BN1 I'm restoring.
If not you can read it here  <http://www.netbug.net/blogmichael/?p=911>.
I have now got the car back  from paint and although I had pretty well
decided to paint the dash in dark  blue I'm having second thoughts.
Now that I can see the original Healey Grey  on the car I can appreciate why
the original dash may have been painted  bright red/orange (persimmon). The
colour looks absolutely stunning next to  the grey.
One of the most memorable cars I ever saw was a huge American  tourer, I
think it was a
Duesenberg at the Meadowbrook Concours in the mid  90's. That car was
painted in the most amazing grey and orange tartan, and  even more amazing,
it was the original paint scheme!!!
Should I paint the  dash persimmon?
I'm pretty convinced that that was the original colour.
I  would really appreciate some input.

Michael Salter

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