[Healeys] Healey wine tour

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Mon May 27 10:04:26 MDT 2013

But 14 is still a good number and it sounds like you had a great  time, so 
all good. I'm going out today on a drive with only one, so I'm taking  your 
hint and enjoying my car more. And hopefully we'll meet up in Tahoe the end  
of June and let Dave take us on some roads in your neck of the woods, or 
are you  going to lead a drive also? Should be more than 14 there!
Steven Kingsbury
BN1 #598
Dave Nock took 14 cars to three wineries last Saturday. Great people,  great
wines and great cars on fabulous back  country roads. At one  winery we were
educated about the effects of paring wine with sweet and biter  with wines.
Dave provided a great lunch. My surprise was that we only had 14  cars. 
should have been twice that numbers. We should be driving more  and enjoying
more Healey companionship as we and our cars get older and still  can.
Thanks for a great day, Dave.
Rich Kahn

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