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I agree with Steve's message on cleaning and prep with the resulting
longevity. The original AH supplier didn't worry to much about longevity.  The
original paint used on the grille surround was a quick coat of flattened
silver lacquer without any primer. Probably good for 10 years unless you
actually polish your grille surround regularly.

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Rich, whenever I paint anything I first make sure that the surface is
bsolutely clean.  First, I wash it with soap and water, then I wipe it down
ith a degreaser (acetone or lacquer thinner) and sometimes follow that with
iping with Windex.  The grille surround needs to be primed where the
luminum paint goes, so mask it off and then prime it (I used SEM
elf-etching gray primer, available from the local auto parts store).
fter all that, the specific topcoat you use doesn't matter so much, but I
sed a Plastikote Aluminum #203 in a spray can.  I did this in 1999 and have
ever had to repaint or even touch it up.
Steve Byers
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avelock, NC USA

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