[Healeys] R&T to Disappear?

Len and/or Marge Hartnett thehartnetts at earthlink.net
Fri May 24 10:24:05 MDT 2013

R&T had a page called "PS" which was a full page humorous photo.  I have a 
few that I clipped from the magazine going back to 1980.  One is an MGB that 
is being used as a support for a roof-top style TV antenna.  Another is a 
Porsche and an Audi nose to nose - the Porsche license plate is "SAY AH", 
the Audi licence plate is "AH".  And one that shows a male facing away from 
the camera.  He is obviously not wearing any trousers and has his raincoat 
spread wide open.  He is facing a sign over the roadway that says, "STOP 
HERE WHEN FLASHING".  I still have to laugh when I look at these and the 

(The Other) Len
Vacaville, CA, USA
1967 AH 3000 MkIII, HBJ8L39031 

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