[Healeys] Seat Belts - A caution

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I suspect the risk of a seatbelt installer being named in a lawsuit where
serious injuries occurred are high.  The installer becomes a link in the chain
for defective belt design, anchorage points, improper materials,
malfunctioning buckles, etc, etc in addition to 50 yr old metal fatigue.  Easy
to see why it would be desirable to avoid that risk entirely.

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[Healeys] Seat Belts - A caution

I took the Healey to one of the national
experts to get sorted out, and
asked him to install them. Not only did he
refuse, he refused to discuss it
at all, even when I told him that a racing
Orthopedic Dr., friend said
there would be no problem from spinal compression
in an accident.

Got to Guru number 2. He said he would install them if I paid
cash and
didn't have a paper trail to the installation. Evidently, the issue
that they didn't trust the steel in our 60+ year old cars to hold in an

These are two men who dedicated their lives to be best Healey
in the country.



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