[Healeys] Non Healey: Oklahoma related

Michael Brouillette m.brouillette at comcast.net
Tue May 21 13:20:32 MDT 2013


           Folks, I don't usually post these things. Most of you don't know,
but I have been getting into handmade custom pens design lately and this pen
is from a true craftsman based out of the UK. He never sells his works to
the public, only thru commission, and his pens are true works of art.

 He has listed this pen with 100% of the proceeds going to Oklahoma relief.
I know it's early for thinking of holiday gifts, but maybe a birthday or a
graduation gift. This pen is something special and for a special cause. The
price is already getting up there, but please repost this in other locations
you might have access to.
Mike Brouillette
59 BT7


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