[Healeys] Oil Under the Head Gasket - and damn Rodents!

warthodson at aol.com warthodson at aol.com
Sun May 19 11:39:08 MDT 2013

It might be a good idea to plug/cap your tail pipes with something they can
not eat/remove.
Gary Hodson

From: Mike Tobin ahbt71 at gmail.com

To the rodents.  We live in the middle of the woods, so mice are a
constant.  In disassembling the beast I've gotten more or less used to
cleaning up after them (yuck)!).  It was too much though when I pulled the
exhaust manifold and noticed something in the exhaust port - four or five
whole acorns tucked neatly around the valve stem, and they had stared to
Mike Tobin
Pepperell, Mass

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