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I thoroughly dispute your statement. The 'nods to Safety' in the BJ8 are quarter-arsed at best. 



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s] BJ8 Front bumper 

You asked Greg, so I'll put my flame suit on in readiness. 
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What you are seeing with no bumper are the true Healey lines, as designed by 
Gerry Coker, enhanced by the oval grill that was preferred by DMH (think 
It indicates that your Healey appreciation is now maturing to the point at 
which you can truly appreciate the purity and beauty of Gerry's work in the 
original AH100 design. 

Of course over time with the addition of all the bells, whistles, marketing 
bling and half-arsed nods to 'Safety', we ended up with the BJ8. A car I 
have owned and thoroughly appreciate as the ultimate evolution of the breed. 
Unfortunately if you leave the front bumper off your BJ8 it will look 
'unfinished' so it has to go back on. 

The answer to the problem is to get an AH100 project and build it as Gerry 
intended - no bumpers at either end. 
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