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Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Sat May 18 01:18:01 MDT 2013

Op 18-5-2013 1:20, Steve B. Gerow schreef:
> Peter Roses and I have been running purified water with water-wetter for a couple of years. This resulted in us both having to have our radiators serviced due to many of the tubes being clogged by rust flakes. Neither of us had a corrosion problem when we were running coolant mixtures.
> In addition to this, there is info online showing Water Wetter deteriorates after a while into a brownish gunk that can clog things up.
> I decided to install a Tefba cooling system filter at least for a while to capture any more rust bits still in the block and have pictures of the flushing results and Tefba install with info on the filter. (No financial interest)
> http://www.pbase.com/stevegerow/coolingsysupgrade
> PS - an engineer at Royal Purple told me distilled or ionized purified water is the most aggressive corrosion agent. We should be using tap water or filtered drinking water. The minerals protect the engine.

This just shows you to use proper coolant or a mix of purified water and 
anti-freeze in the future. Never ever use tap water as the minerals in 
it will form a calcified crust and cause havoc in the engine and radiator.
Remove the thermostat, drain and flush the cooling system good and 
proper using tap water first, than adding a can/bottle of radiator 
cleaner to it, run the engine for about an hour, drain and flush the 
engine thoroughly, drain, re-instal the thermostat and fill up with 
organic coolant, In Europe the green stuff. Do not use inorganic coolant 
(red/purple) as this may be harmful to older type seals and gaskets.
Kees Oudesluijs

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