[Healeys] Center shift cover question

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Thanks everyone I have the answer 

Tim Davis BN7 

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Yes originally there is a flange on the floor that the transmission tunnel seal goes on that the groove on the tunnel fits over. We have these available and they can be installed on an earlier car to accept the top shift transmission tunnel. If you do use the lip and seal be sure and seal up the tunnel really good otherwise it will leak water into the floor of the car first time you drive in a good rain storm. 

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On May 16, 2013, at 6:33 AM, Tim Davis BN7 wrote: 

Is there a raised flange on the floor under the center shift transmission cover on each side? 
If so can anyone tell me the dimensions of these pieces and where they are located unless they just follow the inner contour of the cover? 


Tim Davis BN7 
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