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Very interesting. The difference in pressure reading between hot and cold also
doesn't make sense to me. I would ask DW about the oil pump specs. Would also
double check the gauge pressure with another gauge. I had issues with high oil
pressure on a small block Chevy when the pump supplied was not high volume but
high pressure. DW offers two different pumps for under 6K RPM and another for
over. I have no idea what the pump specs are.

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I have a problem with an engine that I just restored completely. The oil
ressure gets too high when revved over 2500. The pressure reaches all the way
p too 80 psi, which of course is way too much. The strange thing is when the
ngine is cold and you rev it, the pressure will not rise above 60 psi. Quite
ontrary to the normal behavior. The oil pump is a new Denis Welch unit, the
il pressure release valve and spring are new, all bearings in the engine are
ew, all parts have been machined to the right tolerances. I4ve tried with a
sed release valve and spring that is quite softer than the new one. Resulting
n the same high pressure.
This has got me quite puzzled and I ran out of ideas on how to solve this.
nyone experienced the same symptoms and did you find a working solution? I4m
esperate for good advise!

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