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The Bellett GT has quite a following here and in Japan. One version (Bellett
GT-R of 1969) was fitted with a DOHC engine many years before other Japanese
(and others) cars were so fitted. Having driven one I can tell you that it
is a rocket.


Bellett were made by Isuzu when that company was making road cars. Isuzu
still exists and is the largest manufacturer of diesel engines and so
powered vehicles in the world. If you were to look under the bonnet of most
diesel powered cars you will find some contribution from Isuzu. I don't know
the percentage, but GM hold a commanding ownership of the company.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia 


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Never heard of a Bellet. Nice SU carbs

Ira Erbs
please excuse typos and random spelling corrections.
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Godamn, and you play a mean Banjo Patrick...
But can you explain this to me again. I didn't know somebody could shoot
themself with their own arrow.....

Personally, the bullet mirrors on the door are good. But there are short
spacer ones, and high spacer ones. I'm considering high spacer ones.
Like many others, I don't like mirrors on the guards over the wheels. All
Japanese 1960's cars had those. Like my brothers Bellett...
Nothing against Belletts, or Japanese cars of the same era...
Now I can't get dueling banjos out of my Head...

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> G'day
> Most of the Blue Mountains is World Heritage listed.
> For those who don't know there are two ways across the Blue Mountains
> immediately west of Sydney. The main one is via the Great Western Highway
> and that's where most people live and the other is by the Bells Line of
> which is also one of the best driving roads in Australia. There are far
> people along the Bells Line of Road, but you don't have to deviate far
> the road to hear the duelling banjos.
> We live just off the Bells Line of Road.
> Now where did I put my finger picks?
> Hoo Roo
> Patrick Quinn
> Blue Mountains, Australia
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> No difference.Tongue in cheek-just a smart***** comment to Patrick
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> So--what is dfifferent in the Blue Mts?
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> =============
> Patrick
> Yes, but we must remember that is in the Blue Mountains after all Regards
> John Rowe Qld Aust
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