[Healeys] Wing mirrors

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Mon May 13 12:55:15 MDT 2013

Yes, yes. Mea culpa. Right, left...the question remain valid...which mirror?

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Simon.we were in Normanady a year ago and drove all over.  Unless things
have changed since than,right hand driving just like here in the US is the
order.  Far as I know only the UK has left hand driving.

Bill Pollock

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> Hi,
> I'm taking my 3000 over to France soonish and, as they drive on the 
> left, I thought that wing mirrors might be sensible. Leaving aside the 
> perennial "where do the wing mirrors go?", I was wondering about which 
> type to buy.
> Authenticity, period look etc...? Well, that's quite important to me, 
> but I'm no originality fanatic.
> I've heard about so called "Lucas" mirrors per this item on eBay.....
> 140973830806    They look OK, a bit Morris Minor perhaps.???
> Or the so called "bullet mirror" per these 140955896698?
> Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
> Simon
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