[Healeys] Tires What's the rub? problem solved

David Lodge emmgeeteecee at yahoo.co.uk
Sun May 12 22:35:46 MDT 2013

There are two 1/8" holes in my spring pans (presumably for drainage) so
evidently the works thought of the water pooling problem.  As for the plastic
tubes, that's presently a cogitative exercise pending further research!

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You absolutely should put plastic tubes on your springs.

I'd be more concerned with the spring pans rusting out, since that's where
water can collect and they're under massive
stress (but I'm funny THAT way).


On 5/10/2013 6:34 PM, David Lodge wrote:
> "...and how do you know they're pristine under the tube/coating?"  I
actually took took them apart and checked them.
>  Radical, I know but I'm funny that way.
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