[Healeys] 100 engine prices

Bert Van Brande bertvanbrande at yahoo.com
Sat May 11 10:00:52 MDT 2013

I like it too, webcon could very well be the original manufacturer of these
heads hence the price difference.  
It might too light to be used as a boat
anchor  ;-)


 From: Roland Wilhelmy
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Subject: Re: [Healeys] 100 engine prices
The price looks very good.  Excuse my ignorance but has anyone bought
a Webcon
4 cylinder head and used it successfully?  A $1800 aluminum
boat anchor would
be even less useful than a $200 cast iron boat


On Sat, 11
May 2013 12:22:14 +1000, Larry Varley wrote:

::With the current price of
alloy 4 cylinder heads direct from the
::manufacturer, I don't see a cracked
iron head is worth putting money into.
::Larry Varley
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