[Healeys] Tires What's the rub? problem solved

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Apropos the front springs, what are the group's thoughts on putting a plastic
sleeve on them, i.e. a half-inch or so inside diameter tube running the length
of the coil.  My wife's Alfa has this arrangement and they are pristine.
Regards, Lodge, BJ8, Vancouver.

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Roland :   (The tired front springs were the problem for a reason see below)
I was able to source out a set of BJ8 front coil springs . The clearance is
now 4-5" and no rub on the front fender ---outstanding.

The problem arose from the previous owner having powder coated the front coil
springs to make them look new.
The problem was that the heat treating of the coils at 350 degrees for
hours weakened the tensile strength of the coils and they sank too low. The
BJ8 coils make it look like a old time gasser, but I spoke with a restorer
he assured me they would settle down to a nice height.

 The Minotaur Mini-lites are 5.5" wide and hold the 185 x 70 x 15 Vredstein
tires perfectly and look great.

Thanks for the input
Howard BT7 3000 Tri-carb Rally replica

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A couple of thoughts:
If your rims are too narrow it will force your tires to bow out a bit
and decrease clearance.  I think 5" width is minimum with 175/80s and
185 /70s.

Wrong rim offset has already been mentioned.

Maybe your front springs are tired after 52 years, or were lowered or
shortened by a DPO before you got it.  New springs are cheap.
Replacing the old ones isn't brain surgery but it will build character
if you do it yourself.

Shock absorbers are friction dampers, not springs.  New shocks will
not affect ride height, although really stiff ones might reduce the
spring compression momentarily over a bump.  Possibly a stiffer anti
sway bar might help marginally.

If the problem is your front fenders, leave the rear end springs


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::I just recently got my BT7 Healey back on the road. The tires I selected
::Vredstein 185 x 70 x 15". A very aggressive tire tread and quite stout. The
::trouble arises when I drive it. If I hit a bump,  I get tire rub on the
::of the front fenders. I know several solutions would be, buy a set of 165
::175 x70 x15 In short down size. Another would be to increase the body
::by 1" inch or 2"  by adding what? Shock absorbers, add a leaf to rear ,
::the entire system and raise the body with new more modern shocks. Is there
::way of adjusting the front British standard shocks?
::Howard 61 BT7
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