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Holy crap!
Did you guys read this??
And I thought (and many others said the same) I was a bit anal retentive 15
years ago restoring the black and white car !!!
Yes. Modified, rather than factory standard Healey BJ8. But also keeping and
documenting every part of the history, character and period mods.
My hat is off to Steve Pike and Bruno!!
Just wow!!
And I'm sure Rich Chrysler, now up in Healey Heaven, has just also read this.
I'm betting he smiled, and said to himself "if those (bloody) Aussies have
finally gotten the Healey originality and history thing, my job was absolutely
and finally done"



On 10/05/2013, at 9:30 PM, HealeyRick <healeyrick at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Derek,
> This is a very detailed article describing the restoration including
> the research into the color.
> http://classiccarmag.net/austin-healey-special-test-car-and-100s/
> Briefly, the
> car was originally painted the Docker light metallic green (Healey Ice
> as the other Special Test Cars.  Geoff Healey ordered the car repainted
> Green for the '55 LeMans.  My guess this was an effort to have the car run
> Britain's international racing
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> Peter,
> I was wondering
> about the different colours of the two cars. 392 is the
> sort of colour I was
> expecting whereas 393 seems darker and appears to have
> a lighter colour green
> on the undersides. I'm sure the owner (Bruno?) and
> Steve Pike must have
> researched this to death but does anyone out there
> have the story behind the
> darker

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