[Healeys] Fwd: I feel like a idiot

Randy Hicks Healey100M at gmail.com
Fri May 10 06:14:20 MDT 2013

Hi Gang, a couple weeks ago the AHCA 100 Registry was contacted by an
individual who had owned his 100 for 30 + years. There was some questions on
the various number plates and we got that sorted out.

Got this email from him today. Any civil suggestions, ideas, experience in
fixing this problem?


Randy Hicks
AHCA 100 Registrar
ahca100registrar at gmail.com

> To: AHCA 100 Registrar - Randy Hicks <AHCA100Registrar at gmail.com>
> Randy,
> I went to put on my new engine tag that I received and the rivet punched a
hole through. Coolant is now leaking out.
> Am I screwed for life? is this repairable?

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