[Healeys] Dash Color for 100

Simon Griffin simon_grif at msn.com
Thu May 9 13:32:48 MDT 2013

Mine rolled off the production line in November 54.
 Date: Thu, 9 May 2013 21:27:37 +0200
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My May 1954 BN1 in Spruce green got an overall black dash. I heart
from others with May 54 cars theirs were also black. Seems around May 1954 all
or most dashs were black.
Josef Eckert

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My car being Healey Blue, would have had a Blue dash from the factory.  It
 not clear to me, but it looks as though it would have had the silver area
 around the dials.  (Its a 54 BN1 Right Hand Drive)  The dash is currently
 black so must have been repainted at some point. On the back, hand written,
 clearly says "BLUE" right above the passenger side hand grab.
 zpsc27ae5ac.jpg.html Is this possibly left over from the manufacturing
 process? ThanksSimon

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