[Healeys] Engine Milestone and setback - update

john spaur jmsdarch at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 7 12:28:58 MDT 2013

This week I finally had time to pull the engine/tranny out to attempt 
to fix the reoccurring oil leak. Last December I had reinstalled the 
rebuilt engine/tranny and it immediately leaked more than normal. 
When I took everything apart I found a leak between the transmission 
mounting plate and block where the gasket had failed at the #4 cam 
oil galley. I attributed the failure to contamination of the gasket 
sealer or a gasket that was too thick. Fixed it in January and 
reinstalled the engine/tranny only to find what seemed to be a worse leak.

This time when I looked at everything really closely again, the 
mounting plate was not leaking but I noticed the rear main bearing 
cap was not fully seated. After removing it I could see why. The felt 
sealing plugs had mushroomed around the top when they were installed 
which prevented the cap from fully seating. I should have noticed 
this. Part of the problem I installed felt plugs that were to fat. 
There are two different diameters and I had been sent the wrong ones 
by the supplier.

Engine/tranny reinstalled and no apparent leak yet.

Now I can concentrate on my concours restoration. What factory 
original leaks should a Healey have to score gold?

John Spaur
San Jose
'62 BT7

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