[Healeys] Woodley Healey

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Tue May 7 09:59:13 MDT 2013

It appears they got the bottom edge body line wrong; i.e. the car has the out-and-down 'spur' common on a lot of bad rear wheel well dogleg repairs (see first photo of blue/white car from front left). 


Bob Spidell - San Jose, CA 

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Seems like a pretty good value at $43k USD 

Jonas Payne 
PBR Consulting 


I first saw this about 12 months back and wondered how they got around using 
the name without approval. 

If you like a fabricated chassis and BMW running gear they would be 

Hoo Roo 

Patrick Quinn 
Sydney, Australia 

Does anyone know anything about this company?? 


John Sims, BN6 

Aberdeen, NJ 


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