[Healeys] Questions about originality 100 BN1

Patrick & Caroline Quinn p_cquinn at tpg.com.au
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Hello Simon

It is definitely a BN2 (or later side shift gearbox) with overdrive.
Interesting how the PO continued to use the original BN1 gearbox mountings
by making a thick(?) plate for the rear of the gearbox to sit on. The BN2
has two angular rubber/steel gearbox mounts at the rear as well as a buffer
pad that bolts into the chassis. It's probably BN2 as it looks as if the
mechanical clutch is still fitted. There is a little round brass plate
riveted to the top of the gearbox that probably has BN2 stamped on it.

As to your second question on the door trim it is not original BN1 as the
stitching around the opening is far too course.

Thanks for the photos as they were interesting to look at while having my
morning cuppa.

Hoo Roo

Patrick Quinn
Sydney, Australia

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I have been taking stock of my car, a 54 RHD BN1.  As I have been digging
into the car I have found what is clearly original Healey Blue paint on the
firewall.  This confirms the Heritage information I was given back in the
80's. I also think I have revealed one of the original door cards.  There
are photos of this on my Photobucket site
Does this look like the original door trim to you? Back in the late
60's/70's one of the PO's had told me that the gear box was replaced by a 4
speed BN2 box.
THere are some shots of the box on the photobucket site.  Does it look like
BN2 box to the experts? Thanks for your input.  I have posted the same
question and photos on the British Cars forum, I'll check both places.
Thanks for any input. Simon G.Troy, IL
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