[Healeys] Engine Plate

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Sat May 4 02:49:42 MDT 2013

<< On 5/3/2013 7:32 PM, Patrick & Caroline Quinn wrote:

Got it off without a problem, ......  >>

But did you 'bugger up' the screws, mate ? ? ?   I have some if you need/want.
For those of you not had to visit this little problem child, please visit "Various
Articles" ---> Drive Rivet

And DITTO to what John & Randy said.  Todd is the best.

He usually wants a copy of Ownership Proof, BMIHT Cert. and/or other proof
of YOUR Ownership.

In your case ( & BN-3's <G>) I would ring him up and chat just to be sure of
what's what.

HTHs !

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