[Healeys] Spokes on Steering Wheels

Robert Blair rnbmail at yahoo.com
Fri May 3 12:44:31 MDT 2013

Gary, Yep - 'up' it is [unless you are in Aussie] to better see the gauges
either side.  Also just looks better in my eye.....
The E type got around this by using 2 horizontal and a down spoke.  Not as
attractive in my eye.
Just put my Lempert wheel on my car - 16 inch, 6 hole spokes, my wood choice -
looks great.
I have the original plastic wheel [needs work], and a moss repro plastic wheel
if anyone it interested - I probably don't need them now.... 

Robert N. Blair
Yellow 65BJ8
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I hope everyone got the message that I confused up and down -- definitely UP,
so the spokes don't obscure the Speedo and Tach.

Gary Anderson
Editor-in-Chief, The Star Magazine
Mercedes-Benz Club of America

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