[Healeys] radiator drain tap

Bert Van Brande bertvanbrande at yahoo.com
Thu May 2 23:13:08 MDT 2013

Naaah, stealerships don't make much on car sales nowadays but service is
$130/hr around here and they clock really nice rounded hours. They don't need
no tools to speed that up, that's counter-productive to business!  Alternator
replacement was quoted as $930, most of this labor. Cost me $204 in parts to
do it myself. It all started with an Austin-Healey restoration and now I am
servicing and repairing 3 cars in my household!  Probably 4 very soon!  I'll
stop ranting here as I rather enjoy it.  ;-)

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Bert -

I am sure there's an official Mini "lower hose removal tool" which
will do the removal in 3 minutes or less.  Only $300, built for shop use of


On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 9:35 AM, Bert Van Brande
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I am already happy there is a drain tap on
my BN2.
>On my daughters 2005 Mini
>Cooper there is no drain tap or valve,
you need to take off the lower hose,
>which you barely can get too to drain
the coolant.  Why did I need to drain
>the coolant?  To take of the top
coolant hose to get to a broken alternator,
>and oh yeah I needed to take off
the outer bumper and the inner bumper
>structure and move the radiator out a
bit too.... Sigh, progress?  Still fun
>to drive though!

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