[Healeys] BN2 Interior

Peter Svilans peter.svilans at rogers.com
Thu May 2 17:42:08 MDT 2013


The vast majority of these cars sixty years on are no longer original. Some
original-looking cars are in fact replicas, made of parts and materials that
are for the most part manufactured after 2005. Chassis, mechanical and
electrical parts, wheels and tires, replacement body parts, entirely new
interiors and tops, even the paint, are newly made in some country other than
England.  Most of these cars have by now led complicated and convoluted lives,
with many parts having been replaced or altered over the years. The Bugatti
club rates cars according to what Percentage of original parts still remain in
the car.

And the Purists, about whom we hear a lot but actually see very little of, are
not gangs roving around the parking lots of our meets, pronouncing judgement
and doling out punishments.

So no worries, the car is what it is, and it has cut a path through time which
is totally its own.  So enjoy it, and bring it out and let others enjoy it as


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