[Healeys] Cool aftermarket stuff accepted in concours

Robert F. Begani rfbegani at speakeasy.net
Thu May 2 15:55:08 MDT 2013

I agree with Kees.  

In 1974 when I acquired my BJ8 I found the Bakelite or whatever polymer the
original black steering wheel was made of had cracks where the spoke met the
wheel.  They got progressively larger as the years when by so I bought a
real leather wheel cover, probably from Moss,  and stitched it to the wheel
very carefully.  So thirty plus years later it has a nice smooth black
leather feel, yet it allows me to grip the wheel easily without gloves,
similar to the very expensive leather covered steering wheels.  Once in a
while I notice the cracks in the Bakelite peaking around the leather at the
spoke and smile because I just am not going to go through the time and
expense to replace with new.  Instead, I drive my Healey several times a
week and enjoy. Oh yes, once a year the leather bound wheel and the seats
get a cleaning and leather restore application.

Bob Begani
BJ8 '67
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I do dislike gloves, they are clumsy however thin they are, sweaty when hot,
awkward when operating small switches or your TomTom/Garmin etc., mobile
phone, even the hands free variety, radio, odometer etc.
Kees Oudesluijs

Op 2-5-2013 21:41, bob Spidell schreef:
> Ah, but the wood wheel requires the use of driving gloves (which generally
look silly in any other car).
> Bob

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