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there are 2 versions of 123distributors. One with 16 pre-programmed advance curves (no rev limiter facility), the other (tune-version with rev limiter facility) which you can save 2 individual advance curves into by means of a PC/Laptop and USB cable. The interface (a windows-based program) you need to insert the curves into the distributor is free and can be downloaded from our website. You don't need to be a computer wizard to program the advance curves.
Although 123ignition distributors have some kind of 'intelligent' vacuum advance algorithm implemented to work with ported (SU) AND manifold vacuum, I'd recommend not to use vacuum advance with Webers.
The 'tune-version' is available only with vacuum advance, but that's not a problem. Just leave the vacuum line (if your engine has one) off of the distributor and it'll work like a 123 without vacuum advance. If your car has a vacuum line don't forget to close it if you don't connect it because otherwise your engine will most likely run too lean if you leave it open.
You can save up to 2 advance curves (and 2 different rev limits) into the tune-version, which can be switched while driving.


Hi all

I have been looking again at the 123 ignition system and was wondering how
many people out there have actual experience of using it and what are their

My engine is now quite highly tuned and I wonder if the system will cope
fine with that. I imagine it would.

Im also unsure how the vacumn advance part of it actually works. I have
Webers and no vacumn advance.

A couple of good things about it are it has a rev limiter facility built in
and also cuts off within a second to avoid any frying of the system.



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