[Healeys] 100 Service Manual trivia query

Curtis Arndt cnaarndt at gmail.com
Wed May 1 10:23:58 MDT 2013

OK Listers,

After consulting with Roger Moment, here's what we've come up with...

*BN1/BN2 Service Manuals*

*997 *-* *July 1954

*997A *-* *September 1954

*997B* - September 1954

*997C* - September 1956

*97H997D* - September 1956 (there are both red and blue cover versions of
this manual)

*AKD4851 - *(1959 - no month given)

*BN1/BN2 Owners Handbooks*:

*996  *         *September 1953  *(Apparently originally published with no
publication number, just the word PUBLICATION in the lower left of the
title page, and a small piece of paper has been pasted over it; the pasted
strip reads PUBLICATION NO. 996).

*996*           *September 1953  *(Like the one above, only the word
PUBLICATION appears on the title page with nothing pasted on top of it, but
on the facing left-hand page is printed PUBLICATION NO. 996).

*996/A        January 1954     SECOND EDITION.*

*996/B*        *April 1954*          *THIRD EDITION* (interestingly, inside
the front cover someone wrote in pencil: 1B8753).

*996/C*        *November 1954* *THIRD EDITION* (yes, I know that it should
probably say FOURTH EDITION, but it says THIRD EDITION).

*996/D*        *February 1955*   *FOURTH EDITION* (interestingly, this one
is apparently from Australia as the presumed first owner wrote, in ink, on
the back of blank sheet inside the front cover: Ron Blunt / 64 Abuklea Rd /
Eastwood, and there is also a small, loose sticker (that was never licked
and stuck inside) giving the address of the Austin Motor Co. office in
Sydney, and there's also a sheet glued inside the back cover describing the
warranty and it lists the same Sydney address).

*996/E*       *December 1955*   *FIFTH EDITION*

*996/E*       *December 1955*   *FIFTH EDITION* with (BN2) on the cover,
under the 100 flash, and also on the title page, also under the 100 flash.

*97H 996E* *December 1955*  *FIFTH EDITION* with different graphics on the
cover, which I surmise to be a later printing/factory reprint.

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