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Most welcome :-)

I am not sure, but I believe EZ steering would not make it otherwise - So, I
am 95% sure the trafficator functions normally..


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Thank you Tadek! I will study the Jag paper a bit more. The information you
provided was very helpful. Does the control head (trafficator) continue to
function as designed? 

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> Lin,
> The answers are inline, some for Volvo, some as I would imagine it for 
> Healey. I also introduced another question,  I thought you might ask. 
> :-)
> Here it goes:
> 1. Is the installation a job to be accomplished by a hobbyist mechanic 
> or are there technical aspects/special tools that would require a
> Volvo: The column shaft is divided in 2 parts, separated by a rubber 
> doughnut. Only the upper part is affected.  It does require good few 
> hours of work, and you have to be relatively skilled. No special tools 
> necessary, fits fairly well and ads extra 20lb to your car.
> Healey: I am pretty sure you have to take out the entire steering 
> column, cut it to fit the EPS and than fi it back in. I would also 
> imagine you have to fit it back in 2 sections - first under the hood, then
under the dash.
> Not a 1 day job, definitely.
> 2. What disassembly of the steering mechanism is required prior to 
> installing the new components?
> - described above
> 3. Do you have close up photos of an installation, perhaps the Jag 
> drawings would be the closest?
> - attached
> 4. What are the electrical requirements? How is the system wired into 
> the Healey's wiring - fuses, relays?
> 3 connections:
> - connect the EPS with 50amp fuse (and appropriate cable) to the 
> battery or starter.
> - connect the EPS controller to ignition switched output (I would just 
> add another connection to the fuse box).
> - reroute stator tube wring.
> 5. I suppose that the grille would need to be removed?
> Oh YES... and more - everything to take out the steering column...
> 6. Why is the system a good choice for the Volvo but not for a BN1?
> Well, the Volvo is a fairly heavy, coupe car. Parking it requires a 
> bit of sweating...
> Healey is lighter and so is the steering..
> Also, this is a pretty permanent change, unless you have a spare 
> steering column. In a Volvo the upper section of the steering costs $60 on
> The change on the Healey would also be much more visible, I would imagine.
> 7. Is the stator tube (horn, turn signals wiring) affected?
> YES. EZ devised a set of sliding contacts (photo attached). A similar 
> idea is used on a Jaguar XK150.
> 8. What are your general thoughts about the quality of the product and 
> what do you see as its shortcomings?
> I have mixed feelings.
> The EZ steering system is regulated  by a knob - in  a normal car it's 
> progressive, dependent on car speed. It's relatively heavy (weight 
> wise), at least in the Volvo.
> The EPS itself is a quality Japanese product, I would not worry there.
> It does it's job though and if you really do not care about 
> originality, then it's an interesting choice..
> I would also imagine it introduces more stress to the ball joints 
> which are not designed for power steering.
> 9. What is the solution based on?
> The systems I have seen are all based on NSK (Japanese) solution.
> The Volvo system is based on one from Opel Corsa D, The Jaguar one is 
> more interesting and it's lighter - it's based on MGF.
> It's better suited for solid columns like Jaguar XK or a Healey.
> All these systems comprise of:
> - the engine that helps the steering to move (the main assembly)
> - ECU unit that requires inputs form the engine speed and engine revs.
> - in a custom design we are talking about the two inputs are generated  
> by pulse generators, one is also controlled in adition by the knob.
> The Jaguar solution by a fellow in UK is more ingenious - he actually 
> build in progressiveness, taking impulses from his angle drive. I liked
> Let me know if you need more info - I did study this subject a bit.
> Tadek
> That is probably a good start. Thanks so much, Tadek!
> Lin
> <jaguar xk150 c.jpg>
> <jaguar xk150 a.jpg>
> <jaguar xk150 b.jpg>
> <Jaguar XK150 EPAS.pdf>
> <Volvo.jpg>
> <sliding spring loaded contacts.bmp>

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