[Healeys] No Healey question- Ford ball joints

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Do an inspection yourself.  Jack front wheels off ground and grab a
tire top and bottom and push back and forth hard and inspect for play. Then do
same with front and back grab of tire and push back and forth and inspect for
play.  This will check for ball joint play and tie rod ball joint play. 
Daughter was told that her ball joints needed replacement also on her
Explorer.  I replaced her brakes and inspected the ball joints.  They were
tight but the rubber boots were split and exposed the joints and the boots
can't be replaced seperately. I have her have the ball joints greased more
frequently than required to keep the surfaces of the joint clean as long as
possible.  She wiil eventially have to have the ball joints replaced but not
until she puts many more miles on the Explorer.  The brakes are another story.

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[Healeys] No Healey question- Ford ball joints

Does this sound reasonable? So
I took my truck in to get a front end
alignment and inspection (in NC) at the
same time. They did not do the
alignment because the lower ball joints were to
worn to do an alignmnet.
New ball joints are almost $560 installed. But then,
however, the ball
joints were not so worn that the truck did pass inspection.

Bob Johnson
who obviously kept the Healey so I could work on it
because I have a big
distrust for repair shops maybe?
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