[Healeys] What have I got?

Tom Felts tomfelts at windstream.net
Tue Nov 27 14:37:03 MST 2012

Sounds exactly like the jack bag for my 66 E-Type---so---maybe the same for the Healey??  Although I've never had a jack bag for my BJ8 of 33 years.

---- Bob Johnson <bjsbj8 at gmail.com> wrote: 

Since my car has gone (sold), I've been going through some leftover parts
and stuff. I found a "bag" that I cannot identify. It is flat and about 13
inches wide by 21.5-22 inches long. Has a flap on the long end that folds
over about 6" on the long end with two tie ribbons. Material is a black oil
cloth like material. Anyone have any ideas what it is/was for?

Bob Johnson
used to be BJ8
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