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I just did this conversion on my BJ7 ..... unsuccessfully.  I used
calipers from the Mecury Capri (Ford Capri in Europe), however when I had
everything completed I found to my dismay that the calipers are too wide and
interfere with my 72 spoke wire wheels.  These calipers were made by ATE, not
Girling, so I'm not sure if the Girling ones would be any narrower.  At any
rate, the calipers with the 3.25" distance between mounting ears are the
Girling Type 16M ("M" for metric)  Go on eBay UK and type in "Girling Type
16M" and you'll find the cars to which they were fitted (Escorts, Cortinas,
etc)  They even sell brand new castings relatively inexpensively, but I bet
they are not made in the UK.  From my research, this place seems to be popular
to pick up refurbished ones:  http://www.biggred.co.uk/  Because they are
metric calipers the mounting holes require a bolt with a metric shank and an
Imperial thread.  These were used on the 72-76 TR6 and
 you should be able to get these fro Moss Europe.  Also you will need to make
up a new brake pipe to mate the metric fitting in the caliper to the brake
hose.  The 16M caliper will also allow you to use the thicker late BJ8 brake
disc.  You will  also need a larger master cylinder to make up for the greater
fluid capacity of the calipers, but I can't say for sure the size.  First
thing you want to check, though is the caliper width will work with your

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Should have
said that I already have a servo. Factory fitted. Unusual on
MkII BT7, I'm
told, but not so very rare.

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