[Healeys] Cheap tools

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Tue Nov 27 02:02:44 MST 2012

Cheap tools can even be better than expensive professional tools, 
however they can be horrible as well. You simply cannot tell beforehand. 
Expensive professional tools are usually at least reasonable but do not 
be fooled, they sometimes are out of spec dimensionally  causing a bad 
fit on bolt heads and nuts and are not always hard enough. Channellock 
pliers e.g. had some hardness issues in the past. Snap-On is one of the 
best makes.
Kees Oudesluijs

Op 27-11-2012 8:12, Greg Lemon schreef:
> I got a Crafstman set for about $40 at a Christmas sale about 35 years 
> ago, the ratchet and screwdrivers have been replaced a few times, 
> free, no questions asked, no paperwork required, the only thing that 
> really wore out were the phillips heads.  The standard screwdrivers 
> would probably have lasted if not used and chisels and the ratchets 
> would have at least lasted longer if not used as hammers.
> The wrenches and sockets have also been often used and sometimes 
> abused, but are still in great shape.  Crafstman handtools seem like a 
> heck of a deal to me.
> Greg Lemon
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