[Healeys] Pertronix Distributor Again!

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The white harness wire & the red pertronix wire go on the (+) terminal on the
coil. The black pertronix wire & the black/white harness wire go on the (-)
Gary Hodson

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Fellow Healeyoids, I'm in the process of hooking up a Pertronix Distributor
AGAIN on my 63 BJ7. My Healey was running fine on the old points. I burned
out or it was bad to begin with the first Pertronix distributor I installed
one month ago. I have a rebuilt unit now.
Here is my question, my car has been converted to negative ground, that is
for certain. I also have an alternator. I have new Bosch plug wires that are
not solid core wire but carbon fiber as per the instructions and a new
Pertronix coil. It is only two simple leads, one to the neg and one to the
pos of the coil. Easy! Now, which way are the wires to go from the harness
with a neg ground car to the coil? Does the B/W lead go to the pos or the
neg? The solid white wire will go to the other terminal then. Thanks!

63 BJ7
60 BT7
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