[Healeys] Rare but Rough Big Wolseley 6/90 For sale in SoCal

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Sat Nov 24 09:44:07 MST 2012

I have some pics and tad of info.


Here is a car that is quite rare, especially here in the US in LHD 
- Only 5776 were made in total and so few are here in the US, most or 
all were brought in from Europe or Canada.  - This one is rough, but 
mostly there and still has its 2600cc OHV, Austin Healey style engine 
- It was towed into a wrecking yard years ago. Original Morris Club 
member Norm Pabst found this diamond-in-the-rough and says it will go 
quite reasonably and needs someone to love and build it or at least 
use the parts......  I have added an image of one restored in the UK 
and another of the original Pathfinder as well as some info on the 
car.  These were very large cars by British standards, more the size 
of a Jag MK VII, Humber Hawk, or an early-1950s Bentley, that the 
smaller popular British cars that we are accustomed to seeing on 
American roads...  I'd hate to see this one recycled, especially with 
all of the parts still on it - It needs a better end than that......

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