[Healeys] Coolent leak advice--BJ8

Tom Felts tomfelts at windstream.net
Thu Nov 22 10:13:44 MST 2012

My thanks to all who responded-----I really appreciate your advice.

---- Tom Felts <tomfelts at windstream.net> wrote: 

65 P2, BJ8.

week ago--developed coolent leak-----not from hoses.

this week---jacked car up--pulled the water pump and all hoses.

WP gasket was a "cement" mess---took quite a while to scrape it off-------cleaned VERY good--Both surfaces---added new gasket and a thin layer of Hylomar (blue).

Reassembled-------all bolts ver snug----checked for tightness several times.

STILL a pretty good coolent leak-----can't tell exactly where it is coming from---can't see well enough---but it is from the area under the water pump.  rechecked all bolts--all very tight.

Before I tear evcerythig down again----question

Q-----Can the WP itself leak---if so from where---other than around the gasket seal?

WP does not make any noises and is very smooth.

???????  Any ideas what else to do?

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