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Tom, water pumps typically have a "weep hole" that leaks as an indicator
that the pump seals are worn and that the pump needs to be rebuilt or
replaced.  The attached photo shows the BJ8 pump weep hole.  Your pump is
probably leaking there, but if it isn't, your leak isn't from the pump

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
Havelock, NC  USA

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65 P2, BJ8.

week ago--developed coolent leak-----not from hoses.

this week---jacked car up--pulled the water pump and all hoses.

WP gasket was a "cement" mess---took quite a while to scrape it
off-------cleaned VERY good--Both surfaces---added new gasket and a thin
layer of Hylomar (blue).

Reassembled-------all bolts ver snug----checked for tightness several times.

STILL a pretty good coolent leak-----can't tell exactly where it is coming
from---can't see well enough---but it is from the area under the water pump.
rechecked all bolts--all very tight.

Before I tear evcerythig down again----question

Q-----Can the WP itself leak---if so from where---other than around the
gasket seal?

WP does not make any noises and is very smooth.

???????  Any ideas what else to do?


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