[Healeys] Frogeye value

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Curt, thanks for letting us know about the camera person from Car Crazy
purchasing a Bugeye.  I've been told that Barry said the CHW filming was the
most fun of any of the Car Crazy episodes they've done.  Nice to know the
people of the Austin Healey Association of Southern California represented
ourselves and our favored marque well.

Bruce Steele, 
Immediate Past President, AHASC
Brea, CA
1960 BN7

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Frogeye's are going up in price big time.  A descent car will cost you north
of $10K and possibly double that for one that's well sorted.  John Hardy and
I just helped one of the camera guys from "Car Crazy" (they filmed our
California Healey Week at Big Bear) buy a Bugeye. You can get a cheaper one
but expect to do a lot of work to make it run reliably.

Both my wife and I had Sprites as our first cars.  Our current Bugeye is a
55K very original mile survivor that while it smokes a bit, still has 75 psi
oil press on start up, and all of its original parts to include the rubber
floor mats in lieu of carpet.


Carlsbad, CA
'55 BN1, '60 AN5 :{)

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