[Healeys] Knock off grease

Chris Dimmock [Healey] austin.healey at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 16:08:04 MST 2012

The other point I'd add is that you grease the conical surfaces lightly
(just a light smear), the hub threads, and the wheel splines. you dont
grease the HUB splines.
Try it.
Wipe everything dry, then grease the hub splines and then push the dry
wheel on. Where does all the grease end up - thats right, pushed to the
back of the hub, waiting to heat up and spray on your inner wheel area &
Now wipe everything down, and this time, grease the WHEEL splines,
liberallly, now push the wheel on.....
Where did the excess grease end up???
On the threaded end of the hub, where you can just wipe off the excess....
Grease the wheel splines, not the hub splines, and a light wipe on the
conical surfaces, and the threads of the hub & spinner.
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