[Healeys] Knock-off Grease

Mark Schneider mandmschneider at comcast.net
Mon Nov 19 12:45:03 MST 2012

Like the other responses, I use a good quality heavy high-temp bearing grease.
However, my contribution to this topic is a little different.  I wonder how
hard you are hammering the knock-off when installing the wheel back onto the
splined hub?  Is the difficulty due to the amount of hammering required to
remove the knockoff or is it the removal of the wheel itself?  Don't over
hammer when tightening the knock-off nut. I use one of the wooden knock-off
wrenches.  When I think the knockoff is snug.  I take note of the spoke
immediately behind the edge of the wrench.   Then I give the knock-off one
good solid Whack.  If the wrench rotates  I'll give it another hit.  The one
thing I will not do is to pound hard on the knock off.    One last little tip.
Empty 12 0z Starbucks paper coffee cups slide on to the splines perfectly.
They cover the entire greased area of the hub, stay there pretty well and make
a fine fashion statement as well.  Finally, they are throw aways when you put
the wheel back on.

Mark Schneider
'66 Healey BJ8

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