[Healeys] Best spark plugs for Healey 3000

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Wed Nov 14 20:31:30 MST 2012

<< On 11/14/2012 8:09 PM, llennep at verizon.net wrote:

I tried these and had poor results. >>

By your own description Keith, NOT their fault <G> ! !
<< The plugs fouled in short order >>

DUH or should it be DOH ? ! ? !  LOL
Carbs state of 'tune'/condition, valves, rings and/or ANY combination thereof !
<< and the engine ran poorly. >>

I'll bet.  You can try BP6es and/or BP7es plugs.  I can never remember which is hotter/which is colder --- NGK 'marches to their own tune'.  But they ARE & HAVE BEEN absolute BEST plug I have used (in my cars and/or customers' cars) in past 30ish years ! ! !
<< However this could all be due to the condition of the engine --- it is old and tired with unknown miles on it. >>
/It's cold weather time --- REBUILD it./   If you can't, I can.  Shipping motors in common-place.

<< It does burn oil (but leaks very very little!) >>

They all do one or the other and sometimes (as in your case) both 
<VBG> ! ! !

Where are you located ? ? ?

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