[Healeys] Nice little note

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Mon Nov 12 17:45:56 MST 2012

This showed up this morning on our local club list:

   There is a small group of old folks that meet for breakfast each day 
at the
   local McDonalds; so about once a week I fire up the MGB and join in with
   them.  Today with the cold air (in the high teens) and some snow at the
   gutters I backed the MGB out of the shop just before daybreak.  It is a
   thrill to hear the engine come to life, to smell the new interior and 
   the strong firm steering as I look out the shortened windscreen.  
Each shift
   of the gears brings a smile to my face as I listen as the RPM 
increase.  I
   am not too sure that life can get any better than this........

Pretty nice sentiment, regardless of the marque.


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