[Healeys] Cam and crank gear timing update

Per Schoerner healeyguy at bredband.net
Mon Nov 12 14:31:51 MST 2012

Probably. And not only BJ8's. My engine (BT7 MKII) has a place for a 
petrol pumpin the casting, but only 2 screwholes are made. A BN4 I know 
of has a cutout in the block for a petrol pump that is covered by a 
plate. Which was the source of a big oil leak, until I made a new plate 
to cover the hole.

Per in Sweden

David Lodge skrev 2012-11-12 17:44:
> Does every BJ8 cam have an extra lobe about 7 inches in, to drive a
> Westminster or 6/90 petrol pump, perhaps?
> Regards, D

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