[Healeys] BJ8 Radiator Drain

Mike Garvey r3m1g4 at verizon.net
Sat Nov 10 14:44:16 MST 2012

Maybe just to close the chapter on this:

I was never able to get a tight seal using the (machine thread) shutoff
(with fiber washer) from Moss.

I finally opted for a shutoff that I got from a local radiator shop which
had a <-18NPT thread.


Michael Garvey

1967 BJ8/38046

Swampscott, MA

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Mike,  It has been many years since I had my radiator drain tap removed, but
as I remember it is right hand threaded and is a machine thread (straight
thread).  I don't remember the size and threads per inch.  The drain tap in
the side of the block behind and below the exhaust manifold is the same type
of tap and is interchangeable as I remember.  They both use the fiber
washers to seal them.  I've seen two fiber washers, if needed, used on the
block drain tap to get it clocked the right way so as not to over torque it
in order to get it vertical (handle on top and drain hole on bottom).


'67 BJ8

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I need to replace the radiator drain on my BJ8.  The existing drain (which
is a tubular left-hand-threaded concentric bore arrangement) appears to have
pipe threads (ie tapered threads and sealed with sealant) which mate to the

The replacement tap (which is a rotary valve with handle) that I have
received from Moss (pn 460-020) is sealed with a fiber washer(pn 324-671); I
am unsure if the new drain has tapered threads.

I am sure someone has been down this road and can advise me on whether I
have the correct replacement parts from Moss.

Thanks in advance, Mike

Michael Garvey

1967 BJ8/38046

Swampscott, MA
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